Solar panels are emerging on roofs all over the country and it is inevitable that dust and other substances, such as bird droppings, can build up over time.  Anything that blocks the light transmission to your solar panels has the potential to lower the efficiency and in turn, the financial reward you get from them.  In addition, depending on where you live, perhaps near a road or railway, a regular clean can make a significant difference to the output of your system.


It has been proven, that tap water does not do the job properly, as it leaves a deposit of salt and minerals, which also reduces the performance.  Solar panels can also be very difficult to reach being on almost the highest point of your home. 


This is where we can help you.  Our solar panel cleaning service involves the use of the Reach and Wash System, a water-fed pole, which uses pure water which is de-ionised and de-mineralised. The soft filament brush helps to dislodge any stubborn particles and the constant stream of water washes away the dirt to leave a streak-free finish.